Romanian Justice minister declared on Tuesday for Radio France International Romania that justice is being used as a theme in the current electoral campaign. He dismissed that the reality was "as bad as others would like to show it", stating he was content with his achievements so far and showed confidence in the wait for European Commission’s country report.

His reaction follows the declaration of the Social-Democratic Party’s leader, according to which the EU might cut Romania’s funds in case the country report proves negative. Romanian Justice minister Catalin Predoiu said there has been progress. Predoiu hopes for a detailed evaluation of each institution’s performance and an assessment of the reforms and of the fight against corruption.

Romania’s minister of Justice addressed Bundestag’s recent proposal of cutting Romania’s funds due to poor reform in the Justice department, stating it was "an arrangement under pressure, confirming precedent pressure the EU member states have laid on the European Commission". In his opinion, Romania’s situation does not resemble Bulgaria’s 2008 circumstances and imposing sanctions is out of the question for the time being.